Conference Calendar

1.  Division of Cardiology Grand Rounds on Fridays from 7:30 to 8:30 AM.  Visit Cardiology Grand Rounds to learn more about grand rounds. 

2.  Cardiology Tutorials.  Comprehensive introduction to cardiovascular disease with emphasis on pathophysiology, pathology, pharmacology, and cardiovascular diagnostics and procedures. 

3.  Cardiac Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Case Conference. Clinical case discussion with collaboration from Cardiology, Cardiothoracic-Surgery and Cardiac Anesthesia to discuss various aspects of care. 

4.  Journal Club. Monthly meeting where Fellows present recent journal articles of general interest, directing a brief discussion.  

5.  Fellow and Faculty Research Conference.  Presentation of ongoing work in a venue that is informal and interactive.    

6.  Cardiology Inpatient Didactics. Faculty led didactics on a variety of clinical topics.

7.  Subspecialty Weekly Conferences include a variety of areas, such as multimodality cardiac imaging, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, heart failure and cardiac transplantation, the Ethics in Medicine lecture series, and adult congenital heart disease.    

Visiting Professorships

Dr. Hahn, Caldwell Visiting ProfessorCaldwell Visiting Professor:

Thanks to the generous support of Jim Caldwell, MD.

  • 2015 Rick Nishimura, MD MACC (Mayo Clinic)     
  • 2016 Mariell Jessup, MD (University of Pennsylvania)
  • 2017 Pamela Douglas, MD (Duke University)
  • 2018 Rebecca Hahn, MD (Columbia University Medical Center)
  • 2019 Steve Ommen, MD (Mayo Clinic)
  • 2020 Doug Drachman, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)


Dr. Page, Samson Visiting Professor

Samson Visiting Professor:

Thanks to the generous support of Werner Samson, MD.

    • 2012 Carl J. Pepine MD (University of Florida)
    • 2013 Kim A. Eagle MD (University of Michigan) 
    • 2015 Tony DeMaria MD (UC San Diego)
    • 2016 Keith Aaronson, MD, MS (University of Michigan) 
    • 2017 Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc (Northwestern University)
    • 2018 Rick Page, MD (University of Vermont)


    Dr. Braunwald, Murry Visiting ProfessorMurry Visiting Professor:

    Thanks to the generous support of Jack Murry, MD.

    • 2012 Donald D. Heistad, MD (University of Iowa)
    • 2014 Michael S. Parmacek, MD (University of Pennsylvania)
    • 2015 Gary Gibbons, MD (Director, NHLBI at the NIH)
    • 2016 Steve Nissen, MD (Cleveland Clinic)
    • 2017 Colum MacRae, MD PhD (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
    • 2018 Eugene Braunwald, MD (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
    • 2019 Anthony Rosenzweig, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)