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cardiology year end review

Happy New Year! As we begin to settle into the new year, here is a quick bit of reflection from UW Cardiology's 2017:

First and foremost, our department had another stellar year in scholoarly activities. The 9 UW interventional faculty accounted for 106 pubmed-cited publications in 2017, a 30% increase over the previous year. Additionally, 30 were first or last author citations inlcluding a JAMA Cardiology original manuscript, JACC Interventions original manuscript, JACC editorial, and multiple JACC intervention editorials. Dr. Danny Dvir had the largest total number of publications (29), with Dr. James McCabe, and Dr. Bill Lombardi following closely with 21 and 19, respectively. Dr. McCabe had the highest number of first or last author publications, 9 (Silver and Bronze to Dr. Larry Dean, 5, and Dr. Zachary Steinberg, 4). Our 4 interventional fellows also faired well with 15 citations last year.

On the clinical side, the lab performed 985 PCI’s (including 358 CTO’s), which is a 20% increase from 2016’s 820 PCI’s and 31% increase from 2015’s 753. Per operator PCI volumes ranged from 13 – 374 cases with 5 operators over 100 PCI’s for the year. TAVRs remained stable at 273, similarly mitraclips, 69, and LAAO, 45, were stable despite room construction for the later months of the year.  Other structural procedures were up sharply to 79, largely a result of a dramatic increase in TMVRs. In total, there were 4,476 procedures performed in the Cath Labs in 2017, with other notable contributions including 860 RHC’s and 1193 biopsies.

Other clinically important aspects of 2017 include the world's first BASILICA valve-in-valve procedure, the 23rd ever LAMPOON procedure, Dr. Lombardi’s daily procedural inventions, live case presentations at: SCAI, TCT, ACC, India Live, and Cardiovascular Innovations (among others), and the addition of Dr. Steinberg to the faculty team.

Congratulations to everyone for their very hard work!

Looking forward to an exciting 2018!

Written by James McCabe; Edited by Kevin Ke