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CCVI Research Scientist Vivian Hou in one of the 3D printing labs.
CCVI Research Scientist Vivian Hou overlooking the 3D printers. Media credit: Dennis Wise/University of Washington
'Sold out' or 'unavailable at this time'.


Time and time again have these two phrases appeared on screens across the country as we try to protect ourselves from COVID-19. For those working on the front lines, masks are all the more crucial to the safety and effectiveness of the treatment provided. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for stockists and suppliers to meet demands during these times.

Which is why the Center for Cardiovascular Innovation (CCVI) stepped up to the plate.

A cross-campus group brought together by Robert Sweet, MD of the Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies began a new collaborative effort to 3D print ppe for our healthcare workers in-house. The group, composed of our very own Dmitry Levin, associate director of the CCVI, Beth Ripley, director of the Veterans Health Administration 3D Printing Network, and Jason Speich and his CREST colleague DJ Traina, among others, wasted no time. After analyzing, developing, and prototyping with help from Redmond nonprofit Design That Matters, the use of 70 3D printers, and non-stop working around the clock from all involved, the group is knocking out 200 face shields a day.

The UW Huddle recently captured the sheer brilliance and drive happening in the 3D printing labs across UW. Click here for a full article on the tremendous work being done by our research labs.