In the News

On January 1st, UW Medicine expanded its patient reach, services, and overall size with the inclusion of UW Medicine Northwest, formerly known as Northwest Hospital.

The hospital will serve as UW Medicine’s 2nd official campus, with former Northwest Hospital employees now officially working as University of Washington employees. Physicians can now go about their work between the campuses, simultaneously, and with standardized policies and procedures.

“Patients will continue to receive the same high-quality care they have been for years in this community setting,” says Cindy Hecker, CEO of the two UWMC campuses.

Now with a larger foundation and healthcare system, advantages such as a larger access to care, expanded resources, and seamless transitions from one campus to another are key points the merger hopes to provide for patients. As stated in the interview above with Hecker, Cardiology will be one of the main focuses of this merger, with plans in the works to expand services and prioritize specific types of treatment at the varying locations. Staffing across the board is also now under the University of Washington, allowing communication and data to flow even more efficiently between the two campuses.

Newest Additions to Cardiology

We are happy to officially welcome the newest members of our Heart Institute:

  • Stephen Dodge, MD

  • Julie Heyn, MD

  • Chetan Pungoti, MD

  • Jeremy Rier, DO

  • David Warth, MD

  • Gary Weeks, MD

  • Marko Yakovlevitch, MD

We are pleased to work alongside the wonderful new group of physicians, and cannot wait to see what we are able to accomplish together.

For more information on the merger, please visit full articles on The Daily and UW Medicine - Newsroom.