Dr. Yoni Buber joins Division of Cardiology

Please welcome our newest faculty member Dr. Yonatan ‘Yoni’ Buber!

We are very excited to have Dr. Yonatan Buber join the Division of Cardiology’s Adult Congenital Heart Disease team, and cannot wait for the experience, and knowledge, he brings to the table. It has been a long time coming to finally have Dr. Buber join us here at the University of Washington, and we are confident he will make a positive impact on the world class care we continue to provide.

Introduction from Yoni 

"Hi everyone!

My name is Yonatan Buber, and I am the newest addition to the constantly growing, and o-so amazing, Adult Congenital Heart Disease group. You can always try to call me ‘Yonatan’ when you see me passing down the hall, though chances are you won’t get a very prompt response as I usually go by ‘Yoni’, and was doing so ever since I was about 1 year of age (or so I was told).

I grew up in Israel, near Tel Aviv, and attended Medical School there. My Internal Medicine and Cardiology training were undertaken at the Sheba Medical Center, which is the biggest hospital in Israel, with just over 1400 beds.

For my Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension training, I travelled across the Atlantic to join the Boston Adult Congenital Heart team at Boston Children’s Hospital for 2 years. This was followed by another year of Congenital Heart Disease Interventional training at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, so you can certainly argue that I’ve tasted different flavors of living in the United States.

Dr. Yoni Buber gives a presentation
Dr. Yoni Buber gives a presentation for Israel Heart Society

Upon the completion of my training in 2015, I returned to Israel where I founded the Adult Congenital Heart Disease service at the Sheba Medical Center. My care of patients with Congenital Heart Diseases and Pulmonary Hypertension consisted of pretty much… everything, but surgery! This included clinics, pregnancy consults, catheter based procedures, echocardiograms and cardio-pulmonary exercise testing.

Dr. Yoni Buber enjoying time with his family
Dr. Yoni Buber enjoying time with his family

For the past 17 years, I have been married to my one and only, Adi, and we have 2 beautiful daughters, aged 15 and 11.

Moving to Seattle is one of the boldest moves our family has ever made, and we are all very excited about it. After visiting Seattle (for the first time!) for my interview just over a year ago, and getting to know the wonderful team and exploring the area, I simply knew this is the right place for my family and me.

Dr. Yoni Buber staring down a llama
Dr. Yoni Buber staring down a llama

I am looking forward to joining the Division of Cardiology and the Adult Congenital Heart Disease team to learn from all of you, and to share my knowledge.

When I am not busy practicing medicine, I enjoy spending time with my family, as well as running, and reading. I am an enthusiastic REAL football fan (mistakenly referred to here as ‘soccer’), especially when combined with a pint (or more) of top quality beer."

Welcome to the University of Washington, Yoni!