Center for Cardiovascular Innovation (CCVI)

Mission Statement:

CCVI is an integrated platform consisting of experts in cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac anethesiology, radiology and engineering, collaborating in the development, translation and clinical implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic devices to reduce the burden of suffering from Cardiovascular disease.

Cadaver lab training

Cadaveric Studies

CCVI uses a proprietary cadaveric perfusion model to create a testing environment that is as similar to the clinical environment as possible, without using live patients. 


3-D Printing

The Center for Multidimensional Medicine takes the data obtained from echocardiograms and other imaging systems and translates the data into a 3-dimensional printed organ. This allows for physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students to learn from accurate 3-D models of patient-specific anatomy for educational settings as well as to supplement patient care decision making for procedurists.  

Virtual reality goggles and glove

Virtual Reality

The Center for Multidimensional Medicine is working with designers and programmers to develop new and better applications with the goal of creating immersive educational opportunities to explore the heart and other organs through virtual reality technology.