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The UW Center for Sports Cardiology is proud to be a national leader in the field through exceptional clinical care, research, training, and development of new educational resources. The Center was created to combine the resources of Cardiology and Sports Medicine by housing and expanding the clinical and academic programs related to Sports Cardiology. Our goal is to offer exceptional clinical care, expand research and educational programs, and accelerate needed advances in the cardiovascular care of athletes.

We establish new clinical models for the cardiovascular care of professional, college, high school, and recreational athletes, from the adolescent to the masters level. By combining the knowledge and resources of Cardiology and Sports Medicine providers, we are able to deliver optimal care with the focus being cardiovascular health, while determining appropriate testing and treatment to find the safest way to allow the athlete to return to play.


The Center for Sports Cardiology's robust research program is nationally and internationally recognized for its contributions towards the prevention of sudden cardiac death during sport and the promotion of cardiovascular safety in athletes. We have been instrumental in the development and promulgation of the “Seattle Criteria” and new “International Consensus Criteria for ECG Interpretation in Athletes”. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Incidence and etiology of sudden cardiac arrest and death in children and young athletes
  • Cardiovascular screening in athletes and the role of early detection
  • The role of the electrocardiogram within cardiovascular screening models
  • Improving ECG interpretation in athletes and the development of educational resources for health providers around the world
  • The benefit of secondary prevention programs centered on the placement of AEDs in schools and other sporting venues

The UW Medicine Center for Sports Cardiology is actively involved in community outreach programs to improve the health of the public.