Meet the people who support the Department's mission and vision.

Ron Boerger

Division Administrator

Phone: (206) 221-5646

Kathie Cummings

Associate Administrator
Manager of Program Operations

Phone: (206) 685-0347

Administration/Program Support

Erika Chen

Administrator of Program Operations

Phone: (206) 221-6101

Clinical Trials

Fatemeh Ranjbaran, BSN, RN, CCRP

Research Manager

Phone: (206) 221-9154


Samantha Gaines

Program Operations Specialist

Phone: (206) 221-4938


Theresa Wittenberg-Shugart

Program Operations Specialist

Phone: (206) 685-0925

Grants & Finance

Jessica Leader

Grants and Finance Manager

Phone: (206) 685-1399

Human Resources, Academic

Kelly Waters

Academic Human Resources Manager
Assistant to Dr. Robb MacLellan, Division Head of Cardiology

Phone: (206) 616-1040

Human Resources, Staff & Payroll

Brent Lyons

Human Resources Division Manager

Phone: (206) 685-0512