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Acting Instructor, Medicine
Sites of Practice
UW Medical Center - Montlake


Mailing Address:
University of Washington Medical Center,
1959 NE Pacific Street,
Box 356422,
Seattle, WA 98195-6422

Clinical Contacts:
For appointments or other clinical matters, please contact the Heart Institute.


Lee grew up in Oklahoma City, where the rest of his family still lives today. He met his wonderful wife Mia, who is from North Carolina, during college at the University of Richmond. After graduating, they decided to begin their careers in Oklahoma, where Lee completed physician scientist training at the University of Oklahoma. During his residency at Stanford, they fell in love with the West Coast – they are avid hikers, kayakers, and scuba divers, all of which they are very excited to explore in the PNW!


University of Oklahoma College of Medicine


Stanford University


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