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Did you know?

Robert A. Bruce conducting standardized treadmill test.

Robert A. Bruce, the “Father of Exercise Cardiology,” developed the standardized treadmill test for diagnosing and evaluating heart and lung diseases. Dr. Bruce became the first Director of Cardiology at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1950, and he continued as Director for more than 30 years. His multistage test – several stages of progressively greater workloads – became known as the “Bruce Protocol".

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Jordan Prutkin portrait

W. Robb MacLellan, M.D.

Jordan M. Prutkin, MD, MHS, FACC, FHRS

Interim Head, Division of Cardiology


We have over 100 full-time clinical faculty at four hospitals: The University of Washington Medical Center - Montlake, The University of Washington Medical Center - Northwest, Harborview Medical Center and the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System.

Our faculty are known for excellence in patient care, teaching and research. In fact, many of the cardiologists listed by Seattle Magazine year after year as among "Seattle’s Best Doctors" are full-time University of Washington faculty.

Our fellowship program accepts up to seven trainees per year, providing a full spectrum of clinical and research training. 

Research opportunities range from basic to clinical investigation. 

Our priority is to provide outstanding care while meeting the highest expectations for service to patients and referring physicians.

By the numbers

  • The Division of Cardiology in the Department of Medicine has 142 total faculty, including 125 full-time faculty, 70 staff, and 37 fellows

  • Over 30 trainees are in our fellowship programs at 4 clinical practice sites, all based in Seattle, WA

  • 14 endowed chairs and professorships

  • Over $20 million in research funding


Patients and physicians are invited to call our clinics at the following numbers for an appointment:

  • University of Washington Medical Center - Montlake (Main Hospital): (206) 598-4300
  • University of Washington Medical Center - Northwest: (206) 363-1004
  • Harborview Medical Center: (206) 744-3475
  • Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System: (206) 764-2008