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The Global Cardiovascular Health Program allows University of Washington to coordinate and build upon ongoing work addressing cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death and disability globally. UW will leverage and expand existing relationships and projects to develop interdisciplinary and intersectoral interventions aimed at improving global cardiovascular health, particularly in marginalized populations.

GCHP maintains an ambitious translational research and educational agenda in order to improve global cardiovascular health and attract trainees and faculty from across the university and partner institutions. The Global cardiovascular health program is launching pilot grant opportunities, establishing intentional forums for interdisciplinary dissemination of research findings and ideas, and creating opportunities for training the next generation of global cardiovascular health experts.

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Global Cardiovascular Health Program Website

The Global Cardiovascular Health Program (GCHP) is a joint program of the University of Washington Department of Global Health and Division of Cardiology dedicated to global cardiovascular disease prevention and care. Led by Chris Longenecker MD, you can learn more about the program by viewing the GCHP website.

Global Cardiovascular Health Program Website

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Chris Longenecker, MD
Global Cardiovascular Health Program
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